Fluffies Care Instructions


Basic rule: Spot wash places that need it first, and machine wash only if necessary. Many people donít know that machine washing is tough on all clothing fibers. Wash your Fluffies as little as possible. 2 or 3 times a year with heavy use, less with less use.

1. Wash the Fluffies in the washing machine. Cold water, a little bit of detergent. Gentle cycle. Hang dry. NO HEAT!!! NO DRYER!!! The number one, most important thing about cleaning your fluffies is NEVER, EVER PUT THEM IN THE DRYER. Furr is made of synthetic fibers, which means they will melt under high heat such as a dryer or iron.

2. Keep the Fluffies away from open flame, heaters and radiators. The synthetic fibers will melt into little black plastic balls.

3. Be mindful that your fur may snag on sequined garments, belt buckles and decorative elements.

4. Sun will fade the fur if it is exposed ongoingly. Be sure to store in a closet or away from windows.

5. don't dry clean it. There's no need to dry clean your Fluffies. It'll cost you a ton, will just put more chemicals in your fabric, and isn't likely to get it as clean as simply washing it. There's also the potential for a dry cleaner to damage the fur.

6. Love your Fluffies, and they will bring you love in return! =)

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